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St John's Presbyterian Church is home to a group of ordinary people who loves Jesus. We do our best to do what love requires and we open ourselves up to be guided and impacted by the Bible and God's Holy Spirit. We love to have fun, fellowship and meet regularly to worship, to grow and to equip one another to do life well.

Sunday Meetings

Sharing and caring on Sundays

There is nothing over the top about us coming together. We meet, greet, worship, learn and drink coffee together. If you prefer tea, we even make space for that. People who visit us describe us as warm and relaxed.

Time & Location

We meet every Sunday at 09:00 at Church. The address is 81 Aliwal Street, Arboretum, Bloemfontein

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Common Questions

By all means! We want everyone to find a spiritual home and in order to that we welcome everyone to see whether St John's can be their home. If it is not, we will even try to help you find your home.
Uncertainty is part of any new experience. Think about the last time you walked into a new mall, you would have had a strange mixture of uncertainty and excitement. For us who have been at St John's we have a particular way of doing things, but if you visit we will try our best to make you feel welcome. Remember, we want to give you and opportunity to see whether St John's should be your spiritual home or not and we will do what we can to help you discover that.
Whatever you want. We have from professors to vagrants attend our meetings, so we are rather sure that if you come in what is comfortable to you that you would fit in?
We value family and therefore we try to make space for it. Our children start every meeting with us, before they go to Sunday school. There is a creche facility available during the school terms and if your little one has initial separation anxiety, there are speakers in the creche, so you will be able to follow what happens. If you have teenagers, we have a teen church that meets, chats and eats.

What to expect

You can expect authenticity, love, warmth and fun. We love Jesus and try our best to know and follow Him. We would love you to join us on this journey. As part of that we have set up the website with a toolbox to help you on your journey. Check it out.

Get connected

You can connect to a small group that meet during the week, or one of our Bible studies. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us on office@stjohnsbfn.co.za or phone us on (051) 447 4566

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